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Tai Chi Ruler




Tai Chi Ruler 

Ziboce Tai Chi Ruler is a Qi Starter for every body.

The idea of the Ruler first caught my attention while I was rocking to cross a river on an iron floating bridge in China 2002.

At that time, in order to keep my balance, I was in need of something to hold. Then suddenly, an invisible bar in the air came into existence. I was then freezed and kept floating in the middle of air.

From then, I realized the power of Qi existed in my body.



CHEN TUAN (871-989)




Chen Tuan was a famous Taoist who lived on Wah Shan, one of the five sacred mountains of China. He was credited with the creation of the kung fu system -  Liuhebafa. 

Along with this internal art, is a method of Qi (energy) cultivation known today as Tai Chi ruler, and a set of 24- form exercise.


PETER ZIBOCE (1953-  )

After studying on the materials available on staffs, and rods from varies styles of Tai Chi Ruler, and Qi Gong, Ziboce started to create his Tai Chi Ruler methods along with his line of thought on ZIBOCE KUNG FU SYSTEM.



The aim is to activate the internal Qi of Dantian (Taoism)  by using external means. 

The Ruler, or Rod has been used as a training kit among many other styles of Martial Arts. 

Yet, the effectiveness and co-ordination of the movements for internal Qi have not been revealed and discussed.



1. The feeling of the flow of energy, using acoustic, magnetic, and dynamic stimulations.

2. The catalyst of internal energy, Qi starter 

3. Simple design, and easy available substitutes

4. Steps in the methods empowered effectiveness


The method has brought the attention of many Tai Chi, and Qi Gong masters. Their comments include Safe, Good for rehabilitation, and Easy to learn.


Ziboce Tai Chi Ruler has been introduced in Hong Kong since July 2002. With the help of ASIANTHOLOGY, a renowned Japanese based Natural Products Company, Ziboce Tai Chi Ruler has been publicly promoted in Hong Kong, and Japan through locals classes, magazines, and direct marketing.

Ziboce students of all levels of Tai Chi experience including Tai Chi instructors, came from Canada, China, USA, and Japan.

The response on the method, so far, is positive, and encouraging.



Trials are conducted on different materials related to Chinese traditional theories on medicine and Qi Gong. For example, the relationship between  acoustic resonance of metals (or woods), and internal organs.



The design of ZIBOCE TAI CHI RULER is undergone a patent application.




The calligraphy characters are based on Chinese words curved on a Jade plug of 2500 years ago.
The words were believed as the earliest instructions of Qigong. However, there are many versions of interpretations due to the words not recognized and thus meanings ambiguous.
Peter Ziboce announced his founding today including:
1. new words identified,
2. Qigong instruction of 2500 years ago,
3. new mechanism of Tai Chi Ruler.
According to Peter Ziboce, the
words are instructions of Zhan Zhong, Qigong, a standing posture.
Ziboce also believed that the Jade Plug was one of the caps of a TAI CHI RULER. The mechanism involved a staff, string, and a pair of caps. The Tai Chi Ruler was operated across palms, tightening and loosing by rotating in the opposite directions.

Peter Ziboce 15.4.2008



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